Criminal-Defense Law

Defend Your Reputation in Court

Build your criminal defense with help from a lawyer in Mid-Missouri

Being charged with a crime doesn't have to damage your reputation. An attorney at Welshon Law can assist you in defending your rights under Missouri Law. We defend against all criminal charges. Our staff will direct your case, provide guidance, and ultimately peace of mind.

Don't let charges ruin your character. Hire a criminal defense attorney.

If you're charged with a crime and don't have adequate defense in court, that charge can impact the rest of your life. Having someone to guide you through the process could keep you from:

  • Hurting your chances of employment
  • Gaining a criminal record that will follow you
  • Impacting your living situation and personal relationships
  • Affecting your travels, including immigration attempts

Don't show up to court unprepared. Speak to a criminal defense attorney in Mid-Missouri about your options ASAP.